Experience festival magic in Africa.

What is The Global Entity?

Festivals are one of my favourite contexts to be in, a melting pot of culture, people and good vibes. Can anyone ask for more?! 

The Global Entity is a participant based travel blog that focuses on promoting and guiding people to experience the festival magic in Africa. Together with local festival organizers, artists, creatives and participants, the Global Entity intersects the culture and travel industries to further grow, spread and implement social sustainable tourism.

From Idea to Reality

When I started traveling southern Africa and going to festivals in 2022, there was a lot of concern raised. “Are you really going to travel Africa alone?” “How will you stay safe?” were some of the questions that I got from people back home. When I arrived in South Africa, the concerns intensified. It did not matter what country or festival I wanted to go to, the locals warned me about each and everyone. 

I quickly realized that the information and narratives I’d been fed about Africa and solo traveling the continent was very much fear based.What holds most back from traveling Africa is fear. Misconceptions, stereotypes and incomplete stories create barriers to experiencing the continent and creating your own story. It feels like such a loss to let that be the full story when there are so many more stories to be told and memories to be created.

Through sharing my festival experiences, guides and tips, I hope to inspire you to make your dream journey come true. With joy as your guide! As soon as I had experienced my first festivals in Africa, I realized what a jackpot festivals are for travelers. That is, if you are a traveler that enjoys people, culture, diversity, music and lots and lots of energy! 

The Global Entity aims to empower you to discover and connect with amazing festivals in Africa. Through our platform, we shed light on the importance of social sustainable tourism and how it can be done. Join us in creating vibrant cultural experiences that bring travelers, locals, artists, and organizers together.

More on social sustainable tourism and festivals:

In social sustainable tourism, the focus is on empowering local communities, embracing cultures, and enabling economic resilience within the region. By partnering with local creators, backing community initiatives, and fostering diversity, festivals become agents of social sustainability on a glocal level. 

At the heart of the culture industry is the artist. At the heart of tourism industry, is the culture. The tourism industry is a billion dollar industry and yet, most full time artists I know, struggle financially. As a traveler who puts art and culture at the center of her journeys, this imbalance cannot be overlooked.


Regrettably, the comercial tourism industry often exploits environments, locals, economies and cultures. Fostering a sustainable festival tourism is pivotal in order to enable positive, lucrative industry changes within both culture and tourism. Through thoughtful planning, execution and collaborations, festivals spark creativity and knowledge-sharing, fostering social change, creativity and connection. It is the perfect platform for defining, shaping and implementing social sustainable tourism that can impact far beyond the individual. It can change industries. Let’s make Africa a beacon of social sustainable tourism, benefiting locals and tourists alike. 

The Global Entity’s goal is to enable sustainable synergies between culture and tourism in Africa by working with and promoting festivals. Whether celebrating music, dance, tradition, or fashion, festivals embody a melting pot of culture and art, nurturing connection and creative inovation. Discover the beauty of sustainable tourism as you dance under the African sky, knowing your experience contributes positively to local communities.