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What we do is simple: we make experience based promotion for your festivals or events in Africa and put it on the international map of travel. We want to connect you and your festival with international travellers from all over the world!

We put YOU on the map of international tourism destinations!

Do you want us to come and cover your festival or event? We would love to come! Or maybe you have a business or brand that wants to sponsor and collaborate with The Global Entity? Please message us!

We at The Global Entity believe that festivals are the perfect alternative to experiencing tourism and culture in a sustainable way. Specifically, we believe that festivals are the perfect concept for social sustainable tourism and travelling.

While travelling southern Africa I got to hear many prejudices about the different countries I wanted to visit but when I got there, all my fears that I had built up were disproven. It made me realize that there is a lot of misinformation about these countries that prevent people from travelling and experiencing all the abundance that also exists here. We at The Global Entity want to change that and through this platform and both enable, encourage and concretely show how to travel safely to your festival! Read more about the core concept of The Global Entity here.

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