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Being a female solo traveler can seem daunting and scary at times. However, I have often found it to also be incredibly empowering and liberating! I started this journey in October of 2022 with the clear intention of finding my path and purpose in life. As time went on I realized it wasn’t enough, I wanted to share my experiences with somehow. So here we are now! 

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Please have patience with the state of the webpage, I am building it myself. If you want to follow my personal journey and story I would recommend reading the blog chronologically. If you are more interested in a specific area, feel free to jump around. The blog posts are so far categorized by city and country.

The posts vary from personal stories, experiences and tips being a female solo traveler to in depth portraits of local initiatives, events, organizations and the people behind them. I hope you enjoy!


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Slow travel and local businesses
Why slow travel?
Why slow travel Is slow traveling actually therapeutic? Despite my disastrous first week in Tofo,...
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Travel nightmare in Africa
My travel nightmare
My personal travel nightmare (Now you can actually listen to the blog post if you prefer!) Visa...
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Live music in Maputo
The music scene of Maputo Hey fam, I am still here! Those of you who follow me on social media know that...
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Artists at Kaya Festival
Behind Kaya International Dance Festival
The creation of Kaya Festival Kaya Festival was founded in 2017 by the Mozambican dance couple Frida...
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Participating in Kaya Dance Festival, Maputo
Experiencing Kaya International Dance Festival
First impression of Kaya Dance Festival Asking the Kaya festival if I could come and cover them for my...
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Market in Maputo
The markets of Maputo
Maputo is not boring! “Maputo is so quiet, honestly it seems a bit boring.” My face falls as I hear this...
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Interviews at Luju Festival, Eswatini
The dreamers and weavers of Luju festival
Interview with Mrs. M The last day of Luju festival was very special. What made it so special were the...
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Fashion at Luju Festival
Fashion, food and resilience at Luju Festival
Fashion at Luju Festival When I enter the Luju festival area on Saturday, it looks like a completely...
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The global entity at Luju 2023
First day of Luju Festival in Eswatini
Crossing to Eswatini from Mozambique I had decided to take the local bus to Luju festival in Eswatini....
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Market in maputo
A love declaration to my friends
The goodbye party The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. Mostly good ones. I’ve been continuing...
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Mercado do Peixe Maputo
First experiences in Maputo
Bed bugs and making amends Due to an unforeseen bed bug crisis at the hostel, I have now moved to another....
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Lost and found in Maputo
Lost and found in Maputo
Lost in Maputo I’ve been taking it super easy since I got to Maputo. Doctors orders. I’m filling my time...
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From Durban to Maputo by bus
To Maputo from Durban by bus
Trying to get from Durban to Maputo After I had dropped my mom off at the airport it was time to get...
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mom and theglobalentity ballito
Showing off Durban
Back in Durban A week ago, I took the bus from Johannesburg to go back to Durban. Despite having experienced...
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the essence of maboneng musicians
The essence of Maboneng
Maboneng, then and now I’m back in Johannesburg, in the artsy neighborhood Maboneng. In seSotho, Maboneng...
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the global entity dancing bushfire
MTN Bushfire 2023, day three
Bushfire festival, day three On Sunday morning I wake up FRESH and with an intense urge to dance! I get...
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MTN Bushfire 2023 day two
MTN Bushfire 2023, day two
MTN Bushfire, Saturday Saturday morning arrives way too soon. It is day two of Bushfire and I am exhausted...
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The global entity at Bushfire Eswatini
MTN Bushfire Festival in Eswatini
Getting to Bushfire festival I’m pausing the chronological narration of my journey temporarily, in order...
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The emotions of a solo traveler
Travelling solo can be a daunting task, especially when shit hits the fan. For me, nothing dramatic is...
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Kizomba in Johannesburg
Homeopathy and dancing in Jozi
My health is continuing to deteriorate without any signs of improving. After a month of coughing my lungs...
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theglobalentity travels to johannesburg
Arriving in Johannesburg
Initially, I was a bit insecure about booking a night bus from Cape Town to Johannesburg (Jozi). There...
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WhatsApp Image 2023-05-04 at 21.41
Surfing in Cape Town
There is something quite macabre about sipping a glass of white wine while watching the sun descend in...
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WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 14.42
Salsa’s history, heritage and much needed change
The last time I saw Eldred was probably at Sun-Kissed Salsa. A phenomenal outdoor salsa event where you...
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salsa in cape town
Salsa and bachata de verdad!
I have left Observatory for the city center! There were some salsa and bachata events in Cape Town that...
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Female solo traveller photo
First Thursday, friends and all of the feelings
I am still nursing my cold, it is not budging even a little bit. I am currently at the stage where I...
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observatory dog
Observatory, airbnbs and gentrification
After the dance festival finished it was time for me to move to another area: Observatory (Obs). I love...
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Mother City Dance Festival Profile
The Mother City Dance Festival
After the Mother City Dance Festival I decided to contact Angus Prince, one of the main festival organizers,...
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Dance festival in cape town
My first dance festival in Cape Town
The Mother City Dance Festival in Cape Town was a whole experience, I tell you! The first night of the...
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Travel blog Woodstock art
Woodstock: safety, art and community
While in Cape Town I wanted to take time to discover areas I had never visited before. Cape Town is huge...
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Travel blog Table Mountain
Uber trouble & dance communities
Uber trouble The bus ride took 26 hours instead of the promised 23,5 hours. The last two hours were excruciating!...
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Travel blog bus from durban
Pre Cape Town jitters
I’m sitting on one of Intercape’s Sleepliner buses, it’s early morning, the sun has just risen and I’ve...
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jazz night in Durban
Jazz and Divine guidance
Nightlife in Durban In many ways, Durban feels like a bubble that is holding its breath. Perhaps it is...
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Travel blog thc durban
Durban life
Things I do in Durban Now that I’ve made a new, vague plan after accepting that nothing turned out as...
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The global entity dance blog
Anchor and direction
Yolande came to spend a few days with me at the airbnb in Durban, to help me pull me out of my rut. I...
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The unraveling
The unraveling   As those who know me have learnt,...
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Dumped in a foreign country​
Post boy-debacle
Dumped in a foreign country It’s...
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Travel blog airplane
Now what?
Moving to South Africa Not a reader? Listen to me read it here! Just a little...
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