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MTN Bushfire 2023 day two
Festival Fever

MTN Bushfire 2023, day two

MTN Bushfire, Saturday Saturday morning arrives way too soon. It is day two of Bushfire and I am exhausted from too little sleep and also

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The global entity at Bushfire Eswatini
Festival Fever

MTN Bushfire Festival in Eswatini

Getting to Bushfire festival I’m pausing the chronological narration of my journey temporarily, in order to tell you about the amazing MTN Bushfire festival that

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Travel nightmare in Africa
Live Through Your Heart

My travel nightmare

(Now you can actually listen to the blog post if you prefer!) Visa Issues Traveling can easily become a nightmare, especially when visa issues arise

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Market in Maputo
Local Gems

The markets of Maputo

Maputo is not boring! “Maputo is so quiet, honestly it seems a bit boring.” My face falls as I hear this statement. Lais, the girl

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